Collaborators include EMSL, JGI, KBase, and NMDC. Learn more about the capabilities of each facility below.

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

EMSL is part of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and aims to characterize the structure and function of complex systems through studies of atmospheric chemistry, physics, ecosystems, hydrology, and biogeochemistry. Learn more here.

Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

JGI is operated by the University of California and provides high-throughput sequencing, DNA design and synthesis, metabolomics and computational analysis. Learn more here.

U.S. Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase)

KBase is a software and data platform that allows users to perform analyses and construct models on biological systems. Learn more here.

National Microbiome Data Collective

NMDC is a microbiome data system led by scientists from various DOE facilities. Learn more here.